Qui suis-je ? (l’auteur)

Thomas Fauré, French, 28 years old, faure [dot] thomas [at] gmail [dot] com

Software Project Leader, Inventor, patent filed, innovating every day.

Professional experience, education & training

  • From 2011 PMO Manager at Polyconseil (Autolib’ project)
  • 2010-2011       Software Project Leader  at SAFRAN Morpho (former Sagem Sécurité)
    and                  “Participatory Innovation” leader (200 persons involved).
    Project leading, pattern recognition, biometrics (fingerprints, iris, face…) (AFIS).
  • 2008-2009        Research and Development Engineer at Sagem Sécurité
    International travel: USA, South-Africa, Germany; system integration.
  • 2006-2007        Humanitarian mission in Mali
    One year with the NGO ALAD (http://alad-mali.org/ I created this web site):
    children sponsorship, school construction, fair trade.
  • Engineer diploma « École Centrale de Lille »

  • 2001-2003        Student in preparatory class at Lycée Ste Geneviève (Versailles)
  • 1989                 Primary School…
    First prize of “imagination”.

Particular things, experiments, ideas…

  • Nowadays… imagining a new social network data model, with a very simple way: clearly define the public & private borders and give to the end-user the full control of its relations. http://whaller.com
  • 2010-2011: creation of a web 2.0 application able to manage some load tests described in scenarios on AFIS Systems (server-client).
  • 2010: file a patent – invention of an algorithm which colors two fingerprints in order to localize the similar zones.
  • 2010: creation of whibe.com after having some problems with remote collaboration: real-time-whiteboarding web application.
  • 2010: invention of a system monitoring algorithm without bottling the network.
  • 2009: creation of a web API in order to control a secure system through Google Voice SMS API (first innovation price in Morpho) – (php + python)
  • 2009: responsible of the South-Africa Automated Fingerprint Identification System Migration: 6,500,000 registration events (enrolled persons). Sub-contractor management.
  • 2008-2010: integration & customization of a collaborative platform based on MediaWiki for my team. Plugin “WikiTweet” development in order to include microblogging into this wiki.


Project management, leading, human contact, work effectively,

enterprise 2.0, collaboration tool, innovation, invention, creativity

MySQL, Oracle, python, java, C/C++, PHP, javascript (jQuery, AJAX), CSS, GUI,

WordPress, Windows (XP, 7), Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu), AIX, Photoshop CS, Sketchup,

English, Driver’s license, First aid, fingerprints, matching algorithms, drawing, writing,

Lean, TestLink, JIRA, SVN, Synergy, algorithms, systems design, data structures


Scouting, chief editor, web development, social networks, nature,

camping, topography and maps, guitar, drawing, sailing in Brittany

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